PanSaver bags

The PanSaver bags provide a better stocking alternative in a Cook Chill environment. Manufactured out of Monolyn®, a food grade material, those bags will not stick or clug up. They have a thermal transfer ratio 35% higher than multi layer polyethylene and can reduce the cooling and heating cycles by 25% depending on the type of cooked food.

Labor efficiency
PanSaver Bags

Since Monolyn doesn’t stick or clug up, operators can open and fill the bags more easily and save time in the production and storing of food.

Improved productivity

Less time required to store or reheat food as the bags chill and warm up faster.

Increased storing time

Increased thermal transfer ratio reduces time spent in the «Danger Zone» 135°F (57°C) and 41°F (5°C), allowing compliance to HACCP standards and storing time up to 28 days.

No compromise on quality

Food flavour of recipes served out of your kitchen remains constant since PanSaver bags do not deteriorate. As PanSaver bags do not delaminate at either high or low temperature they guarantee food quality is not jeopardized.

All of these improvements generate savings in time and production costs for you unit.

Pansaver vacuum bags

Pansaver 4mm thick bags are used for sous-vide cooking and for storing food as well.

7 Day Bags

Two types of 7 Day Bags are available. PanSaver 2.5mm thick bags for light food items such as lettuce and salad dressings and PanSaver 3.25mm thick bags for heavier food items such as sauces, soups and meats.

List of available sizes

PanSaver bags are hygienic, NSF and Kosher certified and meet the FDA 21 CFR 177.1500 standards. PanSaver bags have proven their effectiveness for the storage of different products such as beef, poultry, sea food, soups, sauces and stews.

For more information on the PanSaver bags and to receive a sample envelope, do not hesitate to contact us.