PanSaver® pan liners

Pansaver contour fit high temperature liners(400°F/205°C) provide better food quality while reducing your maintenance and operating costs. Pansaver liners are tailor-made for all types of pans.

Food quality

PanSaver contour fit liners

PanSaver liners will keep food 20°F warmer. Without a PanSaver liner, direct contact with metal will dry off food and create a barrier that will reduce the overall temperature of the food. PanSaver liners will also maintain a higher degree of moisture for a more appetizing presentation and better taste.

In using a new liner every time you cook, the risks of cross-contamination through improperly cleaned pans will be substantially reduced. You will get a healthier food of better nutritional value that meets the canadian and american standards.

Monolyn® is used to manufacture the PanSaver liners and allows to cook food up to 400°F (205°C) without the risk of contamination. This material is NSF, Kosher, HACCP certified, CFIA approved and produced under the ISO 9110 : 2000 norm.


Costs reduction

PanSaver liners of all sizes

While getting a better food quality you can reduce your labor and cleaning costs since scrubbing and soaking are eliminated. Independent surveys have proven that PanSaver liners generate major savings in labor at both chefs and dishwasher levels.

Generally speaking, our customers confirm that the savings in food, labor and cleaning products represent a return on investment of 10 to 1.

List of available products
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