PanSaver® and Scrub Saver® products

Pellicules ajustées PanSaver

Pansaver, Pansaver ECO and Scrub Saver pan liners improve food safety, enhance food quality and reduce your costs. Our high temperature PanSaver liners and oven bags can take the heat – up to 400°F /203°C, our slow cook liners – up to 300°F / 150°C and our Cook Chill bags up to 325°F / 162°C

Scrub Saver liners are ideal for holding, transporting and serving food from steam table pans and can take the heat – up to 220°F /104°C. Cook Chill products are engineered to rapidly chill prepared foods and then safely freeze them for future use.

Only Pansaver, Pansaver ECO and Scrub Saver can deliver these benefits

  • Labor Savings
  • Improves Food Quality
  • Increased Food Yield
  • Makes Food Safer
  • Protects Plumbing / Better for the Environment


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