PanSaver ECO® pan liners

Pionnering the sustainable effort in the pan liner category, PanSaver has developped a Bio-Based Ovenable (400°F / 04°C) Pan Liner.

Giving you Green Peace of Mind !


A Bio-based alternative to Ovenable Pan liners

Pellicules ajustées PanSaver

  • Smaller carbon foot print due to PanSaver ECO being derived from canola oil (a sustainable resource) as opposed to a petroleum base material.
  • Lower adhesion to protein based foods : therefore, no sticking
  • Stronger seals, better puncture and tear strength ; therefore a more durable liner resulting in fewer liner change-outs.

PanSaver ECO is the premium liner in the market place and a nice addition to the PanSaver family of products

For more information on the PanSaver ECO liners and to receive a sample envelope, do not hesitate to contact us.